An Experiment On Flow Of Packed Beds

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Experiment #3: Flow in Packed Beds
Non-technical Summary Report

We will be doing today the first experiment for this class and the first technical chemical engineering experiment, flow in packed beds. Me and my lab partners are going to be the first students to do this experiment this semester and so are the other groups in this session they will be the first to do their assigned experiments. For that reason, I think it will be a little difficult to figure what we are suppose to do in lab and get comfortable doing the experiment even though we did all the preparation for it.

The main goal of the experiment is to measure the pressure drop in packed beds using flow rate. We learned this topic in one of our classes in
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I think it will be a little difficult to write about a technical experiment in a non-technical way, which is actually one of the purposes of writing this report. Although I don’t know the difference between a non-technical and a a technical report writing, I think I will learn the difference between these two through writing this report and following the instructions.

The way of writing this report will be a bit different but not as hard be as the research background and theories we had to do before conducting our experiment. The notes and data taken during the experiment will help writing this report and come up with conclusions. However, something I might found difficult is discussing the results and relating them to our daily life.
Flow in Packed Beds

A non-Technical Sumamry Report Submitted by:
Faisal Albadr

Introduction and Background
This is our first experiment of the semester, flow through packed beds columns (PBC) , and the main purpose of this experiment is to measure the pressure drop, which was the gauge pressure not the atmospheric pressure, using flow rate of a fluid. In our case, the fluid was water and its flow was varied through out the experiment.
Pressure is a straightforward concept, it is the measure of a force excerted on a specific area3. Atmospheric pressure is the pressure done by the force of air on a reference point, while the gauge
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