An Experiment On Flow Of Packed Beds

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Experiment #3: Flow in Packed Beds
Non-technical Summary Report

We will be doing today the first experiment for this class and the first technical chemical engineering experiment, flow in packed beds. Me and my lab partners are going to be the first students to do this experiment this semester and so are the other groups in this session they will be the first to do their assigned experiments. For that reason, I think it will be a little difficult to figure what we are suppose to do in lab and get comfortable doing the experiment even though we did all the preparation for it.

The main goal of the experiment is to measure the pressure drop in packed beds using flow rate. We learned this topic in one of our classes in sophomore year, Fluid Mechanics, so I have a little background about how the experiment would work and how to solve numerical problems.

The leader for our group for this experiment did a great job designing the experiment. We got together and talked about how the experiment will go, we revised the steps that will get us to achieve the goal of it. Discussing that with them made me more confident ready to start with experiment, and knowing there are other people working and going through the same thing with you is just a relief.

I am going to be the recorder for this experiment, and will have to collect all the data and write down all observations noticed. I have never done this role before but it will be a good learning experience.

This is…
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