An Experiment On The Water Of Water

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Abstract No matter how water came to exist on Earth, there is no denying that it has become the basis for life as we know it. From the largest animal, to the smallest microbe, water is essential. Microbes, in particular, have made water their homes and their diversity within these freshwater aquatic habitats was tested in this experiment and the hypothesis put forward was that cleaner water, pond B, contained a higher biodiversity as compared to dirty water. Water from two different freshwater ponds, A and B, was collected and placed in beakers, six slides of each water sample were prepared carefully and methyl cellulose was added so the movement of microbes could be inhibited. The entire section under the cover slip was viewed and no area was left out of view, this was done by using an overlap of view method. Organisms spotted were identified using a key and the names and numbers recorded. After all observations, a table was created and further information was extracted from the table and put into graphs. It was found that dirty water contained a high biodiversity than cleaner water and the original hypothesis put forward was rejected. Introduction The origin of water on Earth remains a hotly debated topic among the scientific community. The most widely accepted theory is that millions of years after the Earth was formed, the planet was bombarded by numerous comets and asteroids (Earth Investigated, 2008) and water, in the form of ice was released into the atmosphere and
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