An Experiment On Voltage Levels

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Throughout this experiment we have learned a great deal more about electricity and how it is created. Before this was performed research was done on our materials and their functions, hoping to be more educated on how they would help us solve our problem. We were able to make a well educated hypothesis from our newly found information. Our prediction was that the lime would have the most voltage because in our research we found that it has the most citric acid in it. Citric acid is modeling the chemical energy in a battery causing the most voltage. The independent variable applied was the type of fruit tested while the dependent variable was the voltage measured in the multimeter. Some of the controls kept consistent were the types of nails, the type of multimeter, the DCV setting on the multimeter, the nail placement, and the wire placement. Our hopes for the outcome of this experiment is to have successfully created three fruit batteries and for us to compare their voltages. Materials and Methods For the experiment gather a lime, an orange, an apple, a zinc nail and a copper nail to model the essential parts of a battery. The zinc nail represents the negative charge while the copper nail imitates a positive charge. To measure this energy created in the fruit an analog multimeter was used. The procedure used is below. Collect the materials required for the experiment. Lay out a lime, a zinc nail, and a copper nail. Push the
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