An Experiment for Staying Healthy with the Food We Eat

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Introduction The issue of health, and proper eating habits has been a growing trend in recent years, with the introduction of many chemicals and additives in the foods people eat. It is important to know what nutrients and vitamins are being put inside the body. As of December 12, 2007 it is mandatory for all prepackaged foods in Canada to be labeled with the “Nutrition Facts,” a summary of what is in the food. This includes the Calorie count, the 13 core nutrients with the % Daily value of those nutrients and, the full ingredients list. Similarly, this lab seeks to identify the major macromolecules present in an unknown solution, the same process that food scientist go through in the lab, when making the “Nutrition Facts” summary. The four main molecules that we will be testing for are monosaccharides, starches, proteins and lipids. It is because the purpose of the lab is to test for multiple macromolecules that the inquiry and testing process will be split into four independent tests for the presence of each respective molecule. - Testing for monosaccharides with Benedicts reagent will be referred to as Test 1 - Testing for the presence of lipids with the Blotth test will be referred to as Test 2 - Testing for the presence of starches in the unknown solution with Lugol’s reagent will be referred to as Test 3 - Testing for proteins with the Biuret solution will be referred to as Test 4 Question What macromolecules are present in “Mr. Oster’s Olympic restoration
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