An Experimental Study At A Local Zoo

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Method Participants In this experimental study, there will be 30 fruit bats, all of varying sexes and ages, housed at a local zoo. Additionally, all research practices have received permission from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and are in compliance with the regulations of the zoo. Moreover, all animal interaction will be done via protected contact using behavioral training with no invasive procedures to ensure that animal welfare is always of the utmost priority. Apparatus The apparatus that will be implemented in the study will be an audio recorder that will be hidden out of sight from the bats, which will play three different bat calls that were previously recorded. Three different bat recordings that are characteristically considered by bat behaviorists to be that of three distinct, but different behavioral calls (affiliative, aggressive, and mating) will be recorded and thus represent the stimuli presented to the animals. Procedure The researchers will use a within-subjects research design to test the echolocation mimicking abilities of bats. Moreover, the impact of three different types of bat social calls (affiliative, aggressive, and mating), will act as the three independent variables of the study. The dependent variable that will be assessed is the accuracy in which the bats are able to successfully mimic the vocal stimulus when using echolocation. In this design, each bat will be alone in their enclosure away from other bats. The bat will be
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