An Explanation Of Policies And Procedures

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An explanation of policies and procedures in place to protect children and young people and adults who work with them. For example: Duty of care: As an adult working in a school, I have a duty of care to all the children in the school, as do all the other adults working there. Safety issue should always be paramount when looking after children. We are in a position of trust and should always make the children feel valued and important when they are talking to us. It is our duty to keep the environment safe, including online safety. We should ensure only trained staff use positive handling with children. We need to make sure we assess activities to check they are suitable for the age group and provide basic first aid when necessary, contacting the parent/carer to inform them of what has happened. We should supervise children closely when unwell and send them home as necessary, contacting the parent or carer to collect them. It is also very important to protect children from bullying. We should encourage children to speak up if they feel sad and to tell an adult straight away if they feel they are being bullied for whatever reason. Whistleblowing: Every school should have a whistleblowing policy and all staff members should be given a copy to sign. The signed front sheet is then kept in the staff member’s file. Whistleblowing is a very important policy as it protects children and young people. Any member of staff concerned about poor practice should speak with their
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