Essay on An Explination of Jealousy in the Crucible

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Jealousy: An Explanation By: Katie Jansen Some people know jealousy as "green envy." Some people just know it as plain old jealousy, but everyone knows jealousy and the pain it can cause. Jealousy is a nasty emotion, causing nice people to act mean, calm people to act rash, and even the steadiest of tempers to rise. It lashes out with harsh actions and words, hurting many innocent victims. Jealousy causes people to act in abnormal ways, devious ways of hatred and deception, ways that most people would not normally act. Ultimately, jealousy is caused by a certain insecurity that a person has. This insecurity comes from not having what you desire, allowing you to be jealous of those who have it. Three main things that cause insecurity…show more content…
This jealousy is shown when Mrs. Putnam is explaining to Reverend Hale why she sent Ruth to Tituba, and Rebecca, horrified, exclaims, "Goody Ann! You sent a child to conjure up the dead?" Mrs. Putnam quickly defends herself, saying, "Let God blame me, not you Rebecca! I'll not have you judging me anymore!"(39). Mrs. Putnam is verbally attacking Rebecca because she is jealous of what she is, exactly what Mrs. Putnam wants to be. This jealousy, resulting of an insecurity from social judgment, causes people to act out in hatred towards others, and until they can get over their insecurity, the jealousy will continue, therefore allowing the hatred to continue. Part of the reason people are so concerned about social judgment is the insecurity that comes from the fear of being rejected. Everyday society's eyes rest upon advertisements supporting self- improvement, all offering ways to reduce the chance of being rejected. Once a person is insecure about rejection, or has been rejected, jealously of the ones who are not rejected is likely to follow. Abigail of The Crucible has been rejected. She had an affair with Proctor, an affair that really meant a lot to her and ended up being the catalyst of all her later actions. But Proctor, feeling guilty because of his wife, Elizabeth, breaks it off with her saying, "I will cut off my hand before I'll ever reach for you again. Wipe it out of

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