An Exploration Of An Apparel Manufacturer Sme Brand

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I. Working Title: An exploration of the tangible and intangible building blocks of branding in relation to an apparel manufacturer SME brand in the U.S. II. Context and Rationale- Evidence of Preliminary Review of Literature In the context of small to medium enterprises, statistics show that about half of new businesses fail within five years (Anderson 2014). The reasons for why new businesses fail have been a number of reasons. Some of them are due to high interest rates, taxes, and lack of bank lending (Anderson 2014). In the UK sector, it has been noted that the chances of a new business from flourishing is even harder than before the financial crisis (Anderson 2014). With the countless amount of reasons for why SMEs do not prosper…show more content…
Although there has been branding research that was presented by Aaker and Keller, many SMEs, in the apparel manufacturer brand segment, are not aware of these principles. There are two ways in which brands can represent themselves. They are “manufacturer brand” or “own brand.” Manufacturer brand is based upon the idea that a manufacturer of a product sells the product under it’s own name. Own-label brand is when the private label brand is not the producer of the product, but is bought from a manufacturer and sold by the brand at a cheaper price. In terms of manufacturer brands in SME brand strategy, there is much competition with own-brand labels in terms of market share (Oubinam Rubio, and Yague 2006). With the competition of own-brand label and corporate companies taking market share, there is much fascinating research to be done on brand equity of a company in the SME’s perspective. Justification of Study Gap and area in need of further research There has been little research on brand equity in SME apparel brands. It is easier to research brand strategy on a corporate company that is already successful, and so little knowledge is added on emerging companies or SMEs who are struggling to stay competitive in the fashion apparel industry. This research would add knowledge to the best SME’s brand strategy in the young women’s contemporary market. The value of corporate branding
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