An Exploration Of The Behavioral Management Aide Career Essay

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Abstract This paper is a brief exploration of the Behavioral Management Aide career in the Social and Human Service Assistant field. It is a sometimes difficult yet rewarding job in which the professional works with clients to assess them and help them solve any issues they are having which hinders them from living a fulfilling, happy life. It is a career that is expected to grow over the next few years and it only requires a high school education, but a college degree and previous experience is preferred. It is a career that has a fast turn-around of professionals because the stress levels can be so high in specific portions of the field or due to a lower pay rate than some other areas of Human Services. If the professional is absolutely dedicated and can stick it out, it is a rewarding field which is beneficial to many people in the community. An Exploration of the Career of a Behavioral Management Aide The field of Human Services is wide and varied umbrella of smaller sections. According to NOHS (n.d.), human service workers can be found in any setting from schools, to government agencies, and even in hospitals and mental health institutions. Combing through each option in search of the perfect career can be a daunting task. Where will a I fit in best? The answer can only be provided through thorough research and with the help of good programs such as the programs found at Lindsey Wilson College. This paper will focus on Social and Human Service Assistants, more

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