An Exploration Of The Ideological Changes Leaders Have Gone Through Over Time

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An exploration of the Ideological changes Leaders have gone through over time.
From leading men into battle, making critical decisions, and maintaining a public image, a king’s responsibility I intently vast. Their choices and beliefs reign superior to all others and the public has no say in how they make these choices. Yet, kings all around the world do their best to please their people and are “taught” to be a good leader. Over the course of time between the writings of Beowulf, and Henry IV the way a king was viewed in their society, how he was to use his power, and how their morals reformed into the different principles that still, to this day, plays part in leadership. This paper will navigate the dialogue and descriptions the authors give us to find these changes.
First, in the story of Beowulf, written anonymously, Beowulf states on lines 2145-2149, “… I was paid and recompensed completely, given full measure and the freedom to choose from Hothgar’s treasures by Hrothgar himself. These, King Hygelac, I am happy to present to you as gifts.” By giving these gifts back to his king with no hesitation, just shows what Beowulf was willing to do for his leader. He could have kept all his riches for himself and boasted in his own wealth, living like a king before he would eventually become one years later. Perhaps Beowulf was peering into the future, and realized if he had in fact, kept all the riches himself, he may not hold the same amount of respect that he had for…
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