An Exploration of Career Options

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A career is the profession that one chooses to take up in order to make their way in society. Often times a career is a path that someone will follow for the rest of their lives and for others it will be changed numerous times. I have gone through numerous major changes as a college student and luckily at this point in my life I can afford to do so. From the time I was young I was set on becoming an architect due to its blend unique blending of mathematics and art. I have also considered the field that architecture branches from, engineering; this path intrigues me with its promise of creation and construction. Then there is psychology; psychology allows one to view the temperament of another person and see what makes up their…show more content…
This fact is further solidified in “Engineers” by its statement. This is an enormous increase considering that the field already employs over 1.6 million people (Engineers). Even in Africa, a third world country, engineering is growing as field. More emphasis is being placed upon infrastructure and quality construction methods (Juma). The outlook on this field seems to be rather bright, but that is not why I was considering it. Other than my initial inspiration I considered engineering because I have always enjoyed deconstructing and reconstructing things. I was always filled with this passion and I wanted to pursue it as a career. Unfortunately, architecture is to engineering as preschool is to college. The mathematical principles you would find in architecture are magnified tenfold when you look at engineering. In engineering every principle of calculus is applied due to the nature of mathematics and how it permeates everything we do and interact with on a daily basis. As I have stated previously I lack any kind of aptitude in the field of mathematics and this career choice was denied to me as well. Psychology as a career field is a broad one and encompasses many other career fields as well. It is a field based upon both biology and philosophy, both of which I find interesting. The field offers boundless opportunity
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