An Extension Of White Washed Americ Black History Month

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An Extension of White Washed America: Black History Month

Intro: February is arguably one of the most popular months of the year. It has the fourth most celebrated holiday, chocolates and candies are on sale, and it honors the central role of those of African descent in U.S. history. This month is referred to as Black History Month. One moth to celebrate ALL of black history. To celebrate our African ancestors who were chained and thrown on ships. To celebrate our people enslaved on the plantations of the south. Our mothers, fathers, and grandparents who march for us just so we could go to the same schools as white men. And our unarmed brothers and sisters who are being shot without a cause or a reason any more than because a white …show more content…

However, Woodson never intended the month to be in recognition of black firsts and recognized icons. The month was intended to be a stepping stone around the hate of the era and eventually have black history included in the teachings of American history.
Woodson’s vision for this observance was to show the African American people the work ethic, entrepreneurship, and dignity evincive of our ancestors. He also wanted to use it as a way to progress Caucasians past vicious stereotyping. Ultimately, it was supposed to be about unity and not create a cultural divide based on ethnocentric pride. The need for Negro History Week in 1926 and Black History Month in 1976 was self-evident. But in 2017, is it potentially harming our causes and movements? And I am in no way saying that Black pride is harming us. It seems that what used to be a campaign around hate is inciting hateful backlash. From Beyoncé dressing as a black panther, to a movement to make Black Lives Matter, to electing our very first black president.
While two of those are monumental, they shouldn’t be an excuse for the blatant racism recently coming into light. A racism that spent a couple decades hiding from the public until protected by the imaginary shield of the internet and social media. And the worst thing about this racism is that very rarely is it the racism we have come to know. It’s conditional.

It’s people saying all black people ever do is whine about how poorly their

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