An Extremely Brief History of India

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The Indus was one of the world’s oldest civilisations dating back to 3000BC. Originating in the south of India, they built complex and mathematically planned cities. They introduced commerce and agriculture to the region, trading as far as Mesopotamia. India’s history is intricately tied to its geographical location as a gateway between the East and West. India’s first invaders arrived around 1500 BC. An invaders paradise, the Aryans invaded from the north in 1500BC, dispersing south over the next seven hundred years. The Aryans brought strong cultural traditions including the Caste system and the foundation for many Indian based religions. Arab traders had been trading since the mid-700s in the region. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive by 1500. The Portuguese established colonies in the Region known as Goa. By 1610 they had been chased out by the British. The East India Company established a factory and Britain’s first colony in 1620 in Surat. For the next three centuries Britain would spread out over the subcontinent until it had complete rule. The East India Company would take complete control of all European trade in India. Victory at the Battle of Plassey (1757) transformed the East Indian Company from a trader to a ruler. A century later the company would be dissolved with the British Crown accepting administrative responsibility for the region. The Raj system created by the East India Company and subsequently used by the British Crown to govern was
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