An Eye Opening Experience By Robert R. Mccormick

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Cantigny Park is an eye opening experience that provides visual aids which give a better understanding of WWI and its significance to Robert R. McCormick. The McCormick family altered the grounds of their home to become a public park to show the legacy that the McCormick family left behind. Robert R. McCormick served in WWI, which had a great impact on his life that is shown through the grounds of Cantigny Park. He served as the editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune for forty-four years, at which he made it a media giant by adding it to television stations and putting it on the radio. The mansion that the McCormick family occupied is a museum itself on the grounds, with its extravagance and countless artifacts. While the actual museum on the grounds takes the public back to the war, where it gives a better understanding of what the war was really like. The trip itself was very well put together, but could have had some improvements to make the learning experience even better. The Cantigny Park grounds is a memorable trip due to the better understanding one can have of WWI and the personal touches added by Robert R. McCormick himself. Robert R. McCormick served in the National Guard in 1915 and then in the First Infantry Division during WWI. The war greatly impacted Mr. McCormick, where he stayed committed to the First Infantry Division throughout his life as a veteran. He renamed the grounds of his home from being Red Oaks Farm, after the oak trees that continue to
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