An Honorable Woman By Deborah Sampson

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The Revolution released the potential for America to become very democratic; allowing space for political and social struggles to spread ideas of freedom and challenge the old way of doing things. Ideas of liberty invigorated attacks on both British and domestic American foundations and so did the beliefs of equality in the Declaration of Independence, which caused many in society who were seen as the substandard bunch such as women, slaves and free blacks to question the sanction of their superiors. During the eighteenth century, the American Revolution heavily affected the status of women in the states. The new revolutionary generation had many women that were contributing to the large struggle for national independence. An honorable woman by the name of Deborah Sampson, disguised herself as a man, enlisted in the Continental army, and fought in several battles. Many other patriotic women made their own homemade goods for the army as to object against the high prices being pressed by the merchants and some passed off secret information to the rebel army about the British. In Philadelphia, Esther Reed and Sarah Franklin Bache formed Ladies Associations to raise funds for American soldiers. These associations displayed how the Revolution was pushing women into public action on political issues and discussions. However, gender still continued to be a significant boundary of freedom within the states. Gaining independence did not change the family law that was adopted

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