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In Kate Chopin’s short story “The Story of an Hour,” a present theme is the hidden pleasure of independence. At first, Mrs. Mallard is grief-stricken at the thought of her husband’s death. With more contemplation, however, she begins to be overcome with the pleasure of living for no one but herself in the coming years. In the poem “Being Set Free” by Kumiko Saito, the speaker expresses the overwhelming feeling of being set free. This poem, like the short story, deals with the pleasures of independence. As the story begins, Mrs. Mallard is just told the news of her husband dying in a railroad accident. She is not paralyzed by grief with the inability to accept the news; she wept suddenly. She became overwhelmed with this feeling that began to possess her. The feeling was one of living for no one but herself in the years to come. There would be no one trying to impose their will onto her, and she welcomed that. Mrs. Mallard, at first, is extremely grief-stricken but soon realizes the pleasures of independence.…show more content…
Mallard’s time of grief-ridden sobs, she could feel something coming to her. She did not recognize this feeling nor know what it could be. The feeling overcame her and she embraced it while whispering “free, free, free.” Kumiko Saito in his poem explains it similarly by saying “It’s overwhelming, having this feeling. I’m finally being set free.” Mrs. Mallard is so overcome with the pleasures of being “set free” from her husband that she welcomes this feeling with open arms. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Mallard is transformed into almost a new person. Saito’s simile describes it similarly with “like a lovely butterfly coming out of its thick protected cocoon.” Like a free butterfly, Mrs. Mallard is no longer held back by her husband and can relish in her new found
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