An Ideal Candidate For The Young Professionals Program

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Having grown up in a small town in China in the 1990s, I witnessed many people’s lives were completely changed thanks to economic development. As one of the beneficiaries of China’s fast economic growth, I’ve been longing for a career that will allow me to help to understand development issues and solve poverty in poorer countries since I was a kid. Therefore, the World Bank’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity strongly resonate with me. It has been a dream for me to be part of the World Bank family. Now after years of graduate study and work experience, I have accumulated the knowledge, technical skills and professional experience to make real contributions to the mission of solving global poverty. I believe I will be an ideal candidate for the Young Professionals program because I will bring to the World Bank community my great passion for international development, strong analytical skills in economics and my perspectives on development based on prior work experience in developing Asia. My work experience as a World Bank employee in 2014 solidified my interest in developing a career with the bank. I worked with three senior economists in the Development Economics Research Group on a research paper about the effect of long-term financing on economic growth for the Global Financial Development Report 2015. My stay with the World Bank was truly exciting for me because I learnt first-hand how the bank’s culture and operations, as well as
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