An Ideal Candidate For Your Nursing Program

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An ideal candidate for your nursing program would bring diversity, medical experience, and strong academics. These are qualities that I have, but these qualities alone do not automatically make me the perfect candidate. I understand that becoming a nurse is a lifetime commitment of learning and selfless altruism. Being strong academically will help me do well on a test, being exposed and educated about different cultures comforts me in the company of diversity. The medical knowledge and experience I have will bring confidence in my clinical abilities and rapport with patients and other clinicians, but if I was not an open-minded person, able to learn and apply new ways and new theories, then I would not be an ideal candidate.
Thankfully, I am that type of person and as it turns out I have gained a lot of experience in many areas of my life that have enhanced me as a person. I have always known I could do more than anyone else thought possible, and I have consistently proved myself to be more than they bargained for. I love a challenge, and do not let even a hint of an opportunity go unclaimed. If I want something, I go for it and give it all I have. I succeed because I aim high and work hard. It takes a certain kind of person to be a nurse, with the right kind of feeling and the complete desire to excel. I know that I am without hesitation that person.
The first time I truly reached out for opportunity I was seventeen, I joined the Army. I had accepted this as my challenge…
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