An Ideal Health Care System

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The amount of people without health care insurance in today’s society is constantly rising. This then causes issues in providing health care to the state. Because of the growing number of individuals without insurance, the cost for those who decide to have health care is unfortunately higher in order to remunerate for the loss dividend which would have been obtained from the individuals that do not wish to pay for health insurance. With that being the case, a huge issue rises which is not admissible to the individuals who actually chose to pay for health insurance. An ideal health care system would consist of having access to both low and affordable health insurance which will allow equal opportunity to the public. It will not be an easy task to have every individual purchase health insurance but decreasing the cost can help. This will act as a first, yet effective, step forward in granting the people access to take heed of health insurance. In the ideal heal care system, the cost of health insurance would be autonomous of the valued income various families earns. Consequently, this means that families with high incomes would respectively pay the same amount of money as families who have a low incomes. This allows for equality across the board without weighing anyone down. Also, with this system in tact we can assure progressing quality care. Reason being, there will be a higher amount of earnings from an increased amount of individuals which will then lead to

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