An Ideal World, People Would Get Along

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In an ideal world, people would get along. Unfortunately, this is not real and the world is full of different forms of hate and discrimination. People are discriminated against based on various things like race, religion, and sex. The Transgender community faces one of the highest amounts of discrimination. This includes using a public restroom, going to a doctor’s office, insurance, workplace, and traveling. First, utilizing public restrooms are a major problem for transitioning individuals. In many states, like Kentucky, there have been numerous attempts to pass laws that would force these individuals to use the bathroom that reflects the gender on their birth certificate, or assigned at birth. This is a form of discrimination that would single out Trans individuals making them targets because no one is going to bother a cisgender individual only those they suspect of being transgendered. For example, a transwoman who is just a few months into her hormones and hasn’t received Sexual Reassignment Surgery going into the women’s restroom in a Walmart and is stopped by security asked to prove her identity using her Identification that still says male. She will then be charged for using “the wrong” restroom and forced to go to the boys bathroom where she has an increased chance of being targeted as well as attacked. This action is like painting a sign on a person’s back that says “easy target”. Second, many doctors can be discriminating whether they mean to or not. On most of
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