An Idealistic Portrait Of Heroism Essay

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The United States is well-known for espousing patriotism and valuing the service of our military men and women. When we see them dressed in their uniform and saluting to the flag, illusions of indestructible heroism fill our minds because they are supposed to represent the military principles of duty, loyalty, honor, courage, commitment, and others.
However we forget that the reality of their service isn’t an idealistic portrait of heroism; they are indoctrinated into a strict military culture, subjected to intense mental and physical training, burdened with immense responsibility and pressure, and deployed into dangerous and traumatizing environments in order to fulfill the (many times, questionable and controversial) objectives of our government with complete efficiency and obedience.
Adopting such a lifestyle places a great amount of stress on an individual, and it becomes something more difficult to cope with if the proper supports and resources don’t exist. A national holiday, in-store discounts, and saying thank you are wonderful ways to show appreciation, but we can go even further. If we really do care about our military men and women (both current service members and veterans who have previously served ), it’s essential that we put the money where our heart is and advocate for mental health services that will give them the help that they need and deserve. As someone whose father has served in the Navy and whose friends have enlisted or
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