An Igbo Folklore That Matter

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Stories that Matter Maybe if I thought about things differently my life would have been better, but sometimes or even most of times things are just what they are – right or wrong. There is an Igbo folklore that I am going to tell you about the tortoise and the birds. Once, there was a feast in the heavens and all the birds were invited, not the tortoise. However, because of the cunning nature of the tortoise, he wanted to go with the birds. But, how was he going to do that? Well, he had to look for a way to fly so he decided to borrow feathers from the birds with the trick that he was going to be their spokesperson. But then, things changed as got they got to heaven. The tortoise told the officials that his name was ‘All-of-you,’ so when all the foods and gifts came, the officials said ‘this is for all of you,’ and the tortoise claimed everything for himself. The birds got so angry they all left him stranded in heaven except for the Parrot. The tortoise sent a message through the Parrot to his family to bring out all the soft things in his house so he could land on them, but the Parrot still enraged told his family otherwise. All the hard things were brought out and the tortoise landed on them, which is the reason why the tortoise has a broken shell today. I was told this story over and over again growing up, and I have lived with it ever since. Do I believe or not? That is for me to answer. Do you believe or not? That is for you to answer. Stories help to keep our minds

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