An Image of Utopia in The Scarlet Letter and Pleasantville Essay

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An Image of Utopia in The Scarlet Letter and Pleasantville In both "The Scarlet Letter" and "Pleasantville," there is an image of utopia, a perfect world that has been created and everyone that lives inside of it is happy with their lives and couldn't wish for anything better. Also in both utopias there is something or someone that challenges the "perfect" world because they do not believe it is perfect and thinks that it needs to be changed. In both stories those that cannot accept the change immediately try to attack it and stop it in any way possible. An outsider or a new member of the community brings passion and new ideas to the society and disrupts their view and existence of a perfect life. Passion brings on sin, which then…show more content…
Hester also challenged this so-called "perfect" world by making the "A" on her chest very extravagant and colorful. It was as if she almost wanted people to notice the "A" and pay attention to it. The puritans that saw the "A" were fortified to see that she was showing off something that was supposed to be a punishment for the great sin that she had committed. The whole town is so upset over what has happened that they slowly start to change and eventually something that was the talk of the town when it happened slowly faded away to nothing to the village people. Even though the utopia in the puritan town was disturbed they were able to move around it and forget and move on with their lives like as if it never happened. In " Pleasantville," Jen (Mary Sue) is the character that challenges the vision of utopia that the citizens of the town have. Pleasantville's utopia had some similarities to those in "The scarlet Letter." The town was literally perfect, the weather was always the same everyone worked, the mothers cleaned the house and made dinner, just like you would see in a movie. The problem with this perfect world was that it was the same all the time, some things changed in everyday activity but basically it was all the same. Everyone went home the same time every day, they did the exact same thing day after day. Due to the fact that things never changed much the citizens of this town were happy

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