An Immersive Experience At Amc Southdale

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For as long as I can remember, I have always loved taking part in the cinematic experience. Every aspect of it, including purchasing my ticket, eating buttery popcorn, and watching every trailer before the film completely and totally encapsulates me to this very day. So, it should come as no surprise that at the ripe age of 21, I am currently working at AMC Southdale, a high-end movie theater in Edina, MN. There are certain perks that come with being an employee at AMC that benefit cinephiles such as myself exceptionally well, including free tickets to the movies. Sufficed to say, when March 11 came around and 10 Cloverfield Lane was released in theaters, I was more than ready to take advantage of my free pass to the movies and go see…show more content…
After paying for two ICEES, my boyfriend and I went up to the theater’s second level and sat down in the VIP booth, a separate, boxed-off section of the auditorium with reclining seats. I eagerly settled in, anxiously and excitedly waiting to see how J.J. Abrams continued the anthology of his 2008 movie, Cloverfield, an alien-monster movie recorded “shaky-cam”style (he has been very ambiguous on how the films connect…always and forever keeping fans at bay). Even before the previews began, I was theorizing on whether or not there would be aliens, if John Goodman’s character was telling the truth about an attack, and what it was the woman saw outside the window.


WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead!

10 Cloverfield Lane was a highly anticipated film for J.J. Abrams fans once the well-kept secret of its existence was revealed (a characteristic the production company Bad Robot is known for) mere months before its debut. The tagline for the film, “Monsters come in many forms”, as well as the trailer were both very ambiguous in nature and left the viewers with several unanswered questions. It turns out, this was the perfect way to watch the movie, with very little knowledge about it. The film follows the story of Michelle, a fashion design student who, after running out on her fiancée, is involved in a car crash and ends up in
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