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CHAPTER-II AN IMMIGRANT’S ATTEMPT IN JASMINE’S LIFE THE PHASE OF IMMIGRATION: When immigrants arrived in the United States they must decided which of their traditions to continue to practice, which to adapt to their new home and which parts of the mainstream of American culture to adopts as their own. What they left behind was engraved on their inner being, the culture and traditions, which they are born and bred. Encountering a new culture, new ways of life, copying with adverse situations, shock of a different environment leaves them counterfeiting between old and the new world. Bharathi Mukherjee’s later novels Jasmine(1989), The Holder of the World(1993) and Leave It to Me(1997) comprised her last creative phase conveniently termed here as the phase of immigration. By now she has travelled a long distance in terms of thematic perception and character portrayal. Beginning with an expatriate’s uprooted identity in the early 70’s, her creative faculty explored the transitional dilemma of characters in early 80’s, whose acculturation bids were occasionally thwarted by the complexity of cultural plurality in the adopted land. However, after the publication of The Middleman(1998), the process of cultural acclimatization appears to be complete and the characters betray the confidence of an immigrant, almost a naturalized citizen, in facing the challenges of human life. In Jasmine(1989), Mukherjee tried
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