An Impact Assessment of Science and Technology Policy on National Development of Nigeria

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AN IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY ON NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA BY ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI October, 2 0 0 4 ii AN IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY ON NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA BY ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI (MATRICULATION NO. 3081) A Dissertation Submitted to St. Clements University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Doctor of Philosophy in Management St. Clements University October, 2004 iii DECLARATION I declare that this Dissertation is an output of my own research endeavours. In pursuant of this research work, concerted efforts were made to duly acknowledge through bibliography, all sources of data and information used. However, in case of inadvertent…show more content…
It is pertinent to acknowledge with deep sense of appreciation the cooperation received from Directors in the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology and Director Generals, Directors and Chief Executive Officers of Research Institutes in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Environment, Health and Science and Technology who kindly responded and completed the questionnaires used for this study. To all my esteemed Directors in the Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Dr. D. B. Ayo, Dr. Ado. K. Abdullahi, Dr. L. E. Nsa, Mr. B. A. Adegbesan, Prince R. N. Ihenacho and Dr. H. D. Ibrahim, I wish to express my appreciation for their high sense of responsibility, concern and unflinching support throughout my tenure in the Council and their encouragement and professional advise during this study. To other Management staff, I deeply appreciate your support. This study would not have been accomplished without the significant contributions of my Academic Adviser, Professor David Iornem who inspired and encouraged me even when I expressed doubt of my ability to complete the study due to my busy schedule. I also, acknowledged the immense contributions of my Project Supervisor, Dr. Gabriel U. Moti of University of Abuja who painstakingly read through my work and offered useful suggestions that led to the successful completion of the study. viii The role played by Mr. K. B. Ajoku cannot be overemphasized. His immeasurable
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