An Imperfect World Torn Apart By William Buck 's Version Of The Ramayana

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In an imperfect world torn apart by religious wars, cultural differences, and a more recent social disconnect, perpetuated by the rise of technology which has helped to isolated individuals rather than globally unite them, it becomes apparent that evil is prevailing. It appears as though the modern individual has reason to fear the “other”, rejecting those different from their selves. Such demonization and aggression towards one another has allowed the evils of the world or “Ravana” to arise. Never before have people needed a reason to believe in a figure who could help rid the world of corruption, greed, desire, and ego created by Ravana, more than they do now. In William Buck’s version of the Ramayana, he retells the ancient epic of…show more content…
The accounts of honesty practiced in Dharma appear first when Sita proves her faithfulness to her husband Rama. Following the death of Ravana, Rama renounces Sita assuming that because she has lived in another man’s house she has committed adultery. In order to maintain her honor Sita jumps into a funeral pyre, customary for the widows of Hindu aristocrats, and commits suicide. However, because she is pure the fire god, Agni, rejects her asserting that “Sita has not the smallest fault, and she is innocent. Lakshmi of good fortune is your wife, and she loves you” and returns her back Rama who is now convinced of her innocence (Buck 364). Reunited with her husband, Sita demonstrates the perfect wife, telling Rama, “I am a fair free woman, I surrender to you of my own will, command me anything” (365). Sita’s act of faithfulness and Rama’s acceptance in taking her back displays the Dharma practice of honesty, which in the Hindu sense means the love of what is true. Sita’s honesty is not only highlighted as a characteristic of the perfect being but her truthfulness sets an example for future generations of women as to what constitutes the excellent quality for respectability of a women in Hindu society. Similarly, the Dharma practice of honesty in a loving relationship establishes the perfect man and woman.
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