An Important Skill For First And Second Language Learners

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1. INTRODUCTION Reading is an important skill for first and second language learners. Failing to learn to read and write in the early years results in poor self-esteem for learners than any other cause (Casey, 2001). Computer technology proved to have many advantages for students with learning difficulties, including motivational aspects and development of fine motor skills (Casey, 2001). A review of the reading research in L1 and L2 on the effect of a variety of technologies on students ' achievement has shown two contradictory findings. The fist line of research found that use of technology had no significant effect on students’ reading skill development. Computer-assisted instruction had no effect on the reading achievement of 3rd -6th grade students in a low socio-economic status community. No significant differences were also found between boys and girls’ reading achievement (Hamilton, 1995). In another study, Martindale, Pearson, Curda & Pilcher (2005) found that 5th grade students who used computer-based and web-based software applications (FCAT Explorer) scored significantly higher on the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) than elementary school students who did not use the FCAT Explorer. At the high school level, no significant differences in scores were found between students who used the FCAT Explorer and those who did not use it. In a third study, Humble (2000) found that when 2nd grade students used the Living Books software (where the computer
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