An Important Social Construct Since The First World

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David Palombo
English Midterm

Families have been an important social construct since the first humans decided it was a good idea to create some sort of order in their lives. Families are still as important as in those times, as we see them as recurring symbols in all forms of media. From movies to books, we see different kinds of families, and a multitude of strains put on families, although in almost every example, family triumphs over the odds. Unless a good portion of the members of the family are dead. Due to a bomb. I digress.
I feel that I would be unfair to the Hubermanns to NOT start with them and their relationship with their adopted daughter Liesel Meminger. In the first moment that she met her parents, they immediately took on different styles of raising the newest addition to the Hubermann household. Hans, the kind soul, took a slow, calm, coaxing approach to get Liesel out of the car in which she was adamant on staying. Rosa Hubermann on the other hand, suggested that her new daughter was broken, and was extremely coarse in her way of trying to get Liesel inside. To the unspeculative reader, it could almost be interpreted as cruel. I think it 's easy to forget that even though we see families as one large clump of life, every member of the family has their own unique fabric that makes up the strongly bonded quilt of kinship. Excessively corny metaphors aside, I saw nothing but complete adoration and love from both parties, and it was reciprocated…
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