An Important Social Construct Since The First World

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David Palombo English Midterm 1-20-2015 Families have been an important social construct since the first humans decided it was a good idea to create some sort of order in their lives. Families are still as important as in those times, as we see them as recurring symbols in all forms of media. From movies to books, we see different kinds of families, and a multitude of strains put on families, although in almost every example, family triumphs over the odds. Unless a good portion of the members of the family are dead. Due to a bomb. I digress. I feel that I would be unfair to the Hubermanns to NOT start with them and their relationship with their adopted daughter Liesel Meminger. In the first moment that she met her parents, they…show more content…
In The Phantom of the Opera, the bond of family is portrayed slightly differently. Christine Daaé 's mother passed away when Christine was six years of age. Left in the care of her father, she grew up with the desire to please him through his passion of music. This proves difficult though, due to her initial inability to sing well. When Christine 's father was on the brink of fading away, he told Christine that she would be watched over by an "Angel of Music". She takes this to heart, and it becomes one of the reasons that Erik is able to get into her head and be the controlling figure that he is in the novel. I only bring this up because had it not been her father that told her this, the incident would have probably deemed unimportant by Christine, and wouldn 't have had the major effect on her life that it turned out to. Turning to a significantly darker tale, we have Elie Wiesel 's harrowing tale of his time spent in the nazi death camp known as Auschwitz-Birkenau. Prior to his unethical imprisonment in the concentration camp, he has a shallow relationship with his businessman father at best, and at worst, a scathing one. After being locked away like animals, they both come to the realization that they may not make it out of there alive. At this point, they stay with each other and stand with each other for much of the novel. As Elie is run down by the horrid condition of day to day life within his own personal hell, he loses
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