An Important Substance For Christians

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1 Peter 5: 6-7 is considered an important substance for Christians. Sometimes, believers live their life inside this bubble expecting nothing will reach at them. In fact, when we live a life with Jesus, our life will be protected and taking care of; but sometimes we, as human, allow spirituals doors to open in our life that should not be opened at all. Therefore, when we allow things to happen in our life, the negative result will be presented on our life and our family as well. The walk with Jesus was never explained that it was not going to be an easy task, but by trusting God and allowing God to alleviate that extra weight, Christ reduce his or her unbearable burdens and give us rest, peace and the Holy Spirit as a guide. Accordingly, we could tolerate the bad circumstances and concerns with the help and grace of God. Peter addresses this epistle to all the expatriates of the dispersion dispersed throughout all the Roman provinces of Asia Minor. Some may have been converted responding to the message of Peter the day of Pentecost and returned to their respective cities with their newfound faith. Those believers are named strangers and pilgrims to remind their pilgrimage as believers in a hostile world to Jesus Christ and which could expect persecution. God has care of the problems of each of His children; it is an exceptional truth in His word. Consequently, they must bring all their fears, anxieties, and concerns to God’s feet. The scriptures also teaches

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