An Improved Ict Architecture Solution For Stakeholders Of The Town Of Port Hedland

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An improved ICT architecture solution for the stakeholders of the Town of Port Hedland is provided in this section. The ICT service is primarily based on the analysis of the strategic plan and is underlay the framework of ITIL V3. The solution will inform seven recommended mobile devices’ ICT services and then focus on ICT governance requirements. Seven ICT services, which are provided by mobile devices, are listed below: 1. Synchronous and asynchronous communication between the mobile devices and back office resources for the business institution This service can help synchronous and asynchronous calls, online and offline access to the business institution 's back-office informational resources for the staff when they utilize a mobile device to provide business services to external customers within the company. More specifically, adopting the Proxy WS component enables to access resources. With help of the synchronous and asynchronous, staff will have exact same information provided by mobile devices from the business back-office computer. This will promote not merely work efficiently but also job satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, since the services is accurate and deliver on time, customer can gain a better services from the business in the community. 2. Remote support from mobile applications Technically, this service is build by the log or data trace management. This services aims to record and store the business application and system errors in order to reduce

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