An Inappropriate Medication For Medical Patient Safety Council

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INTRODUCTION An inappropriate medication use that can harm a patient or no therapeutic effect is considered as the pharmaceutical error, as according to the Malaysian National Patient Safety Council. The pharmaceutical error can be caused by the mistakes done by physicians, pharmacists, healthcare professionals, nurses or patients itself in either diagnosis or administration of drugs. The pharmaceutical error is an event that can be prevented. Generally, every step in treating of a patient, including diagnosis, dispensing of drugs and administration, should be done accurately without estimation. The consequences of medication error can lead to complication or death in patients. According to American Hospital Association, the medication error can be caused by incomplete patient information (such as history of patient), unavailable information of drugs (which is lead to wrong route of administration), miscommunication of prescription order, lacks of appropriate labelling or even environmental factors. For instance, a patient complained that his skin began to rash and itchy after taking certain drugs. After investigation, there was no error in diagnosis in his disease, but the problem was the patient did not mention his allergy to certain drug contents and there was no any drug allergy test such as blood test and skin test before dispensing the drug. From this example, it had proven that how importance are the records and details of patients in dispensing the medications. In
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