An Income Wave Analysis

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Alt-j (∆) is a British indie rock band that was formed in 2007 and released their first album in 2012 ‘An Awesome wave’ produced by Charlie Andrew. Over the past few years, the four-piece band have taken the indie rock music scene by storm winning the prestigious Mercury Music Prize in 2012 and their second album going straight to number one in the UK. The band members met whilst studying at Leeds University and it was there that the four of them started to experiment with music together, all bringing different abilities, styles and musical influences to the band.

‘Taro’ is the last song of ‘An Awesome Wave’ and beautifully completes the album. Compared to the rest of the songs on the album, this used much more ethereal organic sounds which
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This helps to balance the song with not putting too much emphasis on the drums and rather having them intwined with the instumental. Alt-j drummer Thom Green said that “Phil Selways drumming definitely influenced my style. The off beats and the odd time signatures, he just fits so well with the instrumental, and I just started playing like that”(Rolling stone, 2015). As Charlie Andrews explains in an interview with Sound on Sound, 2013, drummer Thom Green does not use cymbals, “The only slightly cymbal-like thing he uses is the back end of a saucepan, which he uses for the hi-hat, and that in itself is quite a unique sound. That gives you a lot of space to mess around with the room sound for the drums without the cymbals going all over it.” Andrews also mentions that the snare drum used is a “tiny 10-inch thing” that he possibly bought from the toy shop. This allows the snare to have a good ‘crack’ to it and then also with a little distortion, can make the snare ring (2013, Sound on Sound). Buy using these kind of makeshift, minimalist drum sounds, it ads to the songs organic and worldly feel as though they are tribal percussion instruments rather than actual
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