An Inconvenient Truth Analysis

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An Inconvenient Truth: Analyzing the “Truth” What is the overall claim made by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth? Al Gore’s Overall claim is that humans are the main cause of global warming. The main cause of global warming is the decay of vegetations, which causes pollution. In the space below and in 2-3 sentences, explain TWO different pieces of evidence used by Gore to help prove his claim. Alternatively, find two pieces of evidence that disprove his clam.. Assuming the evidence is valid; do you believe it supports his overall claim? Explain. (Note, this is asking does he use relevant info not if you agree or disagree with his points.) Using scientific journals, find at least one source that deals with the claim. (I’d suggest…show more content…
How many times do we here now that there are Bears getting closer to the city then they ever did before. Due to the fact of climate change and pollution species tend to move around more. According to the article “An estimated 70 percent of the planet's species reside in forests” I don’t know about you but that is a lot and to have deforestation going on doesn’t help these 70 percent of species and that is why species are moving a dying off slowly. o Does it help support Gore’s overall claim—Yes or No. Explain. Yes. It brings up good points about how and why species are dying off. It is stated in this article that one of the biggest threats is domestic animal diversity, which is the export of animals from developed to developing countries, which leads to cross breeding. . "Without adequate action, more than 2 000 domestic animal breeds could be lost within the next two decades. Domestic animal diversity is unique and cannot be replaced. Whether you agree or disagree with Gore’s overall

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