An Inconvenient Truth

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An Inconvenient Truth The climate crisis that our planet faces has become an ever-increasing and extremely controversial issue. In the book “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore goes beyond the political and economic implications of this crisis and states that global warming is a moral issue that humans need to address. For years, scientists have been examining the reasons for the changing climate and have come to the conclusion that global warming is real and it is serious threat to the world. Eventually, this threat will lead to major catastrophes that will cause epic destruction of our planet. Gore’s main purpose in this book is to expose the lies and misconceptions regarding global warming and to inspire the public to take action. Global…show more content…
The very thin layer of atmosphere is being thickened by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The atmosphere is trapping infrared radiation instead of allowing it to escape into the universe, and as a result the temperature of the earth is getting too warm and causing even more severe problems. Roger Revelle was the first person to recognize the impact of green house gases on our planet and he proposed measuring the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. His measurements showed a chart of drastically rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which are harmful to earth’s ecosystems. Scientists have concluded that there is a correlation between temperature and rising levels of carbon dioxide. When there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the temperature rises because more heat from the sun is trapped inside. We have already begun to see the effects of these rising temperatures. From melting glaciers to severe storms, these environmental issues will only continue to worsen as emissions of green house gases increase. Glaciers in Alaska, Peru, the Alps, and many more are melting at rapid speeds. The Himalayan Glaciers have been among the most affected by global warming. The glaciers provide drinking water to forty percent of the world’s population. However, over the next fifty years as these
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