An Inconvenient Truth Rhetorical Analysis

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Thesis: In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore wants to reach a large audience, particularly nonscientists, to stress the urgency of responding to global warming.

I. He establishes the ethos of a public servant whose concern stems from ethical and moral rather than political motivation.
II. He provides an enormous amount of technical information by taking advantage of a multimedia format.
III. He appeals to pathos by juxtaposing what was or is with what might be—and, in fact, is likely to occur.
IV. Gore acknowledges several counterarguments, but he refutes them with humor or alternative explanation.
V. He uses his personal experiences as a father and brother to stress the deep commitment he has to this issue.

Conclusion: An Inconvenient
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It makes people crazy because there is always something going on with the world nature wise. Looking pass through those data and though all those numbers won’t stay in your head, it's vital to notice that it has caused so much damage on our planet and that global warming is legit; it’s not something that is made up. By showing past performance of global warming for example hurricane katrina which affected most of america. We need to take a stand of this problem and actually make a difference than just ranting about it’s horrible affect. He provides an enormous amount of technical information by taking advantage of a multimedia format. By showing us the impact and the future impact it’ll make, it catches the audience attention leading them to give sympathy and hopefully acting upon…show more content…
For example, the comparison between the gold bars and our planets while asking which one uphold the most importance. He also mentions the fact that he was the actual winner in the election when George Bush won. They announced months later that Al Gore was the actual winner and he was supposed to be the president. And he jokes about that multiple times basically expressing the lie we lived through with barely any acknowledgement. To express the greater impact global warming will make in the future, he expresses it through the graph and gets a lift device that took him up 20 feet up to show it’s massive impact in the future within a few years difference and of course the audience laughed but it won’t be funny after we are being dealt with it and sadly the graph only implies the
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