An Increasing Crime Statistic In The United States Is A

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An increasing crime statistic in the United States is a lot of violence by young gangs. In this case, young gangs tend to kill other young people in a large percentage of incidents these juvenile killers belong to young gangs. Young gangs band together for various reasons and get into trouble with the law are certainly not new in America. Young gangs have been around since the early 1800’s it was formed young kids of low-income immigrants who felt that society held no place for them . The earliest gangs, which flourished in new England, New York, and Philadelphia. Today’s youth gangs are composed by young Latinos of African Americans, but their problems are the same poorly educated, poorly trained without resources, they band together for…show more content…
(World of criminal justice, gale) The controversy is over whether the definition of gangs should include participation in delinquent or criminal behavior as part of the definition. Among senior gang researchers, (James F.). Short and Joan Moore are among those favoring the exclusion of delinquency criteria from the definition of a gang. The Sons of Liberty were described by British sympathizers as no more than a gang of delinquent youth. Accounts of the American Civil War include the threats against Lincoln made by a Baltimore gang and the effort of Jefferson Davis to intervene in a dispute between rival adolescent gangs in Richmond. The children and adolescents of these immigrants became members of groups identified as gangs. In the late 1800s, youth gangs emerged in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh. In those decades, Italians and Irish immigrants were overrepresented in the ranks of gang members. These gangs roamed the streets of their neigh The most recent wave of gang activity emerged in the 1980s. At the beginning of that decade, gang problems were recognized in only a few large cities, particularly Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. (World of criminal justice, gale) By the end of the decade, gangs taking on the symbols and names of the Blood and Crip ‘nations ‘from Los Angeles and the People and Folk ‘nations ‘from Chicago were

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