An Independent And Reliant Organization Central City Airport Authority

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Major facts
This case study is about an independent and taxed organization Central City Airport Authority (CCAA). It reviewed the organizational structure, functions, as well as workload of the business. CCAA is in charge of Robert F. Kennedy airport (RFK) and Northwest International Airport (NIA). They manage, operate, develop, and maintaining the two airports. In addition to that, they also are in charge of the daily operations, maintenance and control of the NIA Toll road. The toll is a source of income that is allocated to road provision, enterprise, and overall bettering the roads. Furthermore, a portion of the construction done for light rail services is also funded by the toll road. CCAA also devoted to having the best possible procurement process, making sure that they are complying with the law, having good methods of contracting, and ensuring the meet a high standard of integrity and ethical conduct. When the organization awards contracts, in regards to supplies and services that equate more than 200,000, it utilizes its competitive procedures. This also applies when they award concession contracts. The organization has a variety of contractual relationships for the obtaining goods, supplies, construction, as well as technical and administrative services for the functionality of the airports and other assets. Currently, CCAA procurement functions are made up of the central procurement and contracts department, the two purchasing units that are a part of the
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