An Indian Crisis

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An Indian Crisis Homo sapien sapiens are a breed unlike any other. These beings create complex tools, produce diverse languages, and develop the ability to laugh and smile in the womb (What Makes Us Human? 208). Although they lack the scaly defenses of reptiles and the sheer size of the dinosaurs which came before them, humans have survived for over two hundred thousand years (Howell 1). The reason they were able to survive stems largely from their evolved forms of communication and tools which elevated them to the top of the food chain. The only predator to the human became other humans. This became increasingly apparent after World War II and arguably the largest crime against humanity, the Holocaust. Humans created a set of rules to…show more content…
Humans massacred fellow humans. In an effort to prevent a crime on such a scale ever again a group known as the United Nations created a document, “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. The rights set forth in this document attempt to protect all human beings. This declaration has provided a basis for what is ethical treatment of humans. All humans use these rights to determine if a person or group of persons is being mistreated. Among the first, and most basic, rights is the right to life, in which all people are given the right to live and not have the opportunity seized from them (“Universal Declaration of Human Rights” 11). Despite this being a normality in our culture, in India females are being killed solely based on their gender. In India it is a societal normality to routinely kill newborn daughters by drowning them, suffocating them, or neglecting to feed them (It 's a Girl). One mother states in an interview that she has killed eight daughters in this manner (It 's a Girl). Despite being more apt to survive in an environment when given equal resources as a male child, the female survival rate is rapidly declining in India (Srinivasan 5). The reason for this mass gendercide lies in the bases of Indian culture, specifically the Hindu faith (Female Infanticide 46-47). Women are not expected, or often times allowed, to work in
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