An Indian Father 's Plea Essay

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Helena Wood 10/2016 Period:4 ELM 2 Do you think that your culture impacts your decisions more than your personal opinion does? Or maybe that your culture has nothing to do with your viewpoint? There is a lot of controversy on this topic. A person 's culture majorly affects how one views the world, however personal opinion, experiences also play a role. Personal experiences help to shape people into who they are today. Personal experiences shape how you respond to situations. In “An Indian Father’s Plea” written by Robert Lake, the piece of fiction discusses how Wind-Wolf makes his own decisions based off of his past experiences. “...So now my young Indian child does not want to go to school anymore.”(92) Wind-Wolf is bullied at school for his cultural heritage, and decides he doesn’t want to go to school anymore. He is teased, this is to due with his culture, but also his emotions. He takes in his situation and makes a decision to fix his problem by cutting out his culture. In my experience, no one can make me do something, I’ve always made choices, good or bad, and had to take responsibility for them. “Now he refuses to sing his native songs, play with his Indian artifacts, learn his language, or participate in his sacred ceremonies.”(92) No one is forcing Wind-Wolf not to play with his toys, or participate in cultural activities. He is introduced to a new culture, and starts to merge his views and values with theirs. He finds a middle ground that he is comfortable with
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