An Indian Story By Roger Jack And Looking For Work By Gary Soto

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The ideal family is always portrayed as the two parents and the children, but both “An Indian Story” by Roger Jack and “ Looking for Work” by Gary Soto, surpass that stereotype by showing families that are not ideal. One is a Native American family that doesn’t live together, the other is a working class Mexican American family . As mentioned in, “The Color of Family Ties” , “...commentators often emphasize the disorganization and dysfunction of black and Latino/a family life”, (pg. 54) because they are minorities they are looked upon on, and the way their family is structure is linked to their ethnicity or race, although those two don’t necessarily correlate. “An Indian Story” and “Looking for Work” illustrate nontraditional families, both show love and care within their family regardless of the situation, but “An Indian Story” shows a stronger family tie because they manage to lookout for each other and they continuously show their support to one another in order to be united. Roger Jack’s aunt, Aunt Greta was the backbone of their family. She is depicted as altruistic, she always found a way to provide to her family, and always put them ahead of her. The narrator’s aunt took care of him soon after his mom died. Not only was she fine with raising him, but she also took in her father after her mother died. When the narrator asked her why she never remarried after her husband passed away she responded with, “It’s just after my old man died I didn’t want anyone else. He…

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