An Individual 's Americanness And Its Effect On American Culture

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An individual’s Americanness often greatly contributes to their experience in America. How American someone is or chooses to be largely boils down to outer appearances and how much he or she chooses to conform to American norms, as our society cannot help but fall back onto the preconceived notions associated with our differences instead of our similarities. Often, many hold these differences under great scrutiny while ignoring that most, if not all Americans and those who choose to reside in our land, want the same things that our country has to offer. However, different Americans have different takes on what it means to be American. Some say it solely depends on how closely one’s views line up with the constitution; some (implicitly)…show more content…
Though President Trump’s own wife, Melania, arrived to the US on a tourist visa in August 1996 and received an “H1-B visa for ‘skilled workers’” which permitted her to model for pay legally in the US “on October 18, 1996,” she was paid over $20,000 worth for “10 modeling jobs that occurred in the seven weeks before she had legal permission to work in the country” (Caldwell, Day, and Pear 2016; Lind 2016). Even if Melania Trump may not have had any intention to violate the immigration laws or commit a federal crime by lying about her business intentions to immigration officials as she entered the country (Lind 2016), she was not and will not be prosecuted because of the fact that her type of immigration violation was nonviolent and because she had more resources and receives less scrutiny as a European immigrant in a skilled-labor work-force than those who do not have resources, who are not white. President Trump’s executive orders to “cut funding to jurisdictions that provide a safe haven for undocumented immigrants without a criminal record” or to “crack down” on immigration to the point where “being in the U.S. without papers is enough to prompt deportation,” as immigrants protected “under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program” are forced into “deportation proceedings” (Mehrotra, 2017), further targets and takes from immigrants who do not have the same resources that skilled Caucasian immigrants have to protect themselves.

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