An Individual 's Identity By Steinberg / Zimmerman And Deconstructing Gender : Application Of Feminist Legal Theory

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In understanding Gender thus far through the eyes of this course my response is personality characteristics cannot be fundamentally attributed to an individual’s identity let alone not done successfully. The fact that previous cases have shown that the judicial system do not categorize gender roles fairly among people show that it should be at the fore front of court cases to try to gentrify the thinking on what men can do versus what women can do. That both Genders have the ability to acquire different skills in the workplace as well as other economic areas of life. In knowing that we as a society in an age where the classic gender roles are switching and/or changing can help future court cases/justices think different to claims in the work place. The two articles to support my claim will be Doing Gender by West/Zimmerman and Deconstructing Gender: Applications of Feminist Legal Theory by Steinberg/Weisberg in fact will show how there’re biases when it comes to gender roles in macro sense of society and micro sense of the day to day work place.
An individual’s biological sex or gender they may identify with should not be claims to stereotype women and/or men into traditional roles. To say a women should be more domesticated (cook, clean, care taker, sensitive and if working roles: nurses), is the same notion to stereotype but nationality or race. In the article Doing Gender West and Zimmerman brings a few points on how gender roles and the display of gender focus more on…
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