An Individual 's Identity Is Shaped By Many Aspects Of Their Life

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An individual’s identity is shaped by many aspects of their life, but the ones where they either experienced hardship or were oppressed are the most prominent in defining their identity. Individuals who identify as LGBTQ often have to deal with issues of inequality in their everyday lives, because the dominant group, straight individuals, create an environment where others feel oppressed. In many situations the dominant group feels as though anyone not like them needs to change, and because they believe sexual orientation is a choice, they should just be straight. The importance of maintaining individual freedom, even when laws that oppress people and discrimination is very prevalent, ultimately allows people to feel free. Many aspects of…show more content…
While he was talking about race, the argument still applies to sexuality, and necause LGBTQ individuals had to endure this injustice it was not only their privilege, but their right to take action against it. Taking this initiative to create an equal society was best accomplished through nonviolent resistance. Martin Luther King Jr., a large proponent of nonviolent campaigns, writes about how there are four basic steps in creating a campaign. First the collection of the facts to determine whether injustice exists, which in this case it does based on the definition of an unjust law. Next, self-purification, this is having the confidence to unwaveringly believe in a cause and not stray from non-violence resistance. Third direct action which is used to create enough tension in the community so that something happens, in this case causing friction between the government and LGBTQ individuals. Finally, negotiation, where people worked with the government to change the law so that LGBTQ individuals have the right to get married. While, this does not have an affect on societal view it at least makes individuals freedoms legal. Martin Luther King Jr., believe in talking the initiative to challenge unjust laws that revoke personal freedom and accepted all sorts of punishment, from the dominant group, for it. This was similar to what LGBTQ individuals were willing to do for equality, but with regards to sexual orientation not race. Individual expression is another way that the
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