An Individual 's Level Of Emotional Intelligence

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An individual’s level of emotional intelligence can have an impact on their performance as a teacher?

There is a great deal of individuals that boast the intellectual intelligence to become teacher’s, but an alarming number of them are failing to sustain the emotional strength required to maintain excellence in their careers. Nobody can deny that teaching is a highly stressful, demanding and challenging profession, but how much of this stress and fatigue can be relieved by teachers managing their own emotions and mental strength. Having emotional intelligence is fundamental to producing healthier, happier, superior performing teachers. This essay will firstly illustrate emotional intelligence and examine the traits, behaviours and emotions that define a healthy, competent teacher. The second part will analyse the effect’s interpersonal communications and intrapersonal self-management has on developing strong professional performance. Finally, it will discuss the teacher’s role in overcoming debilitating emotions to increase their own emotional intelligence and the implication’s this has in the workplace.
Teacher’s experience a myriad of emotions every day. They may find themselves bothered, discouraged, aggravated, stressed, eager or excited. “It is these kinds of emotions that can be helpful or harmful, raise classroom standards or lower them; build collegiality and parent partnerships or put other adults at a distance” (Hargreaves, 2000 pp. 824). Emotional intelligence…
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