An Individual 's Life Choices And Opportunities

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Culture is constantly changing and evolving over time, as it changes it characterizes its values, laws, beliefs, norms and views, amidst many other things, giving new interpretation to society. An individual’s life choices and opportunities, however, are not only shaped by their family and cultural formalities but also by their role in the society that surrounds them. I have decided to examine my father, Michael, and the influence his religion, family roles, societal norms and gender had in creating his place within society and decisions he’s made in life. My dad, Michael, was born in California in 1961 and raised by his mom for the first portion of his life. While living with his mom, there was no importance placed on religion thus, no belief system in which the family followed. She eventually re-married when he was about six years old. The man she remarried, Gary, would end up having a huge role in the way my dad ended up growing up. Unfortunately Michael’s mom was often gone working two jobs leaving him at home alone with Gary, a very angry, unsympathetic and abusive body builder. My dad was abused often by Gary and found himself being terrified of even leaving his bedroom to use the bathroom in fear of the repercussion it would have with Gary. While living with his mom and Gary; there was little to no importance put into family norms such as conversation, communication, doing things as a family or even eating dinner together. There were no words of encouragement or

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