An Individual 's Own Family Or Close Circle Of Friends

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Failing to find support within an individual’s own family or close circle of friends can be more defeating for a Brony than taking harassment from random strangers out in public. The home is where people feel the most comfortable and safe and where a person can be at ease and conduct themselves in whatever manner they please. Yet for some fans, this is impossibility for a number of reasons. There is the possibility that they are still living with their parents or have roommates and privacy is limited. As a result of these living situations, some fans must contend with the possibility of dealing with the same arguments with family and friends in their private life as they would out in public which a number of fans share in the survey. As we have seen in many instances in this project, “Gender conceptions and role behavior are the products of a broad network of social influences operating both familally and in the many societal systems encountered in everyday life. Peers and family may or may not be conscious of their gender regulatory practices, but they are in some form shape our own concepts of gender.
One fan recalls an incident where a friend of his told him to keep silent about liking My Little Pony prior to social function with some other friends. “My friend instructed me not to mention My Little Pony to any of his friends at a party since he felt it would be awkward.” The significance of this preemptive action is telling about how some individuals monitor their
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