An Individual 's Self Perception

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An individual 's self-perception can positively or negatively affect a work environment. As human tends to feel bias when perceiving themselves, various individuals often suffer from self-enhancement bias or self-effacement bias. Individuals suffering from extremely cases of self-enhancement bias or self-effacement bias will lead to a negative work environment as they will feel dissatisfied or discontent with their job and obligations in a company. Individuals suffering from extreme self-enhancement bias tends to that they are not being recognized and rewarded for their superior works, which can leads to the false consensus error. The false consensus error occurs when an employee or worker assumes that they can commit unethical behaviors like telling a lie or taking credit for another 's work because they genuinely believe that their dishonest actions frequently transpire in society and in the work place. Meanwhile, individuals suffering from extreme cases of self-effacement bias generally possess low-self-confidence and cannot relinquish their feelings of self-blame for any major or minor blunder or failures they have committed. As a result of their low self-esteem, individuals with self-effacement bias feels uncomfortable and out of place in their workplace, leading to deficient work performance and subpar work efforts after a period of time. However, self-enhancement bias and self-effacement bias does not always lead to a negative work environment as it can also help an…
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