An Individual's Health, And The United States Stands Among The Richest Nations

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Affluence determines an individual 's health, and the United States stands among the richest nations. But how might the prosperity of a nation affect the entirety of its citizens? And what factors of wealth affect health? Further, the idea that one can advance in society if one works hard—a deep-set American belief—depends on an individual 's health. The benefits in health enjoyed by wealthy nations are distributed inequitably. Care is granted only to those that can afford it, limiting the success to those who cannot. One must wonder how core democratic values—liberty, equality, and justice—endure in such a system: So what causes this in the first place, and how can we fix it?
As follows, this essay provides background, critical issues, evaluation of UK and US healthcare, and discusses solutions for the US system through the analysis of various sources. While researching the context surrounding US healthcare, I looked for faults in the US health system and found “Who owns health inequalities?” by Constance Nathanson, professor of Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia; and “The Influence of Income on Health: Views of an Epidemiologist” by Michael Marmot, professor of Epidemiology at University College London.
Nathanson provides a historical look at healthcare in his journal publication for Health Affairs, and assesses both the US and UK health systems, figuring “…universal care is the USA 's hope for reversing health inequalities.” Expanding upon Nathanson 's ideas, Marmot in…

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