Essay on An Individual's Reflection on Academic Writing

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Another Step of a Long Process: Studying English Academic writing is an art of expressing and transforming thoughts and ideas into physical form to deliver information logically and scientifically. This skill needs to be refined and practiced constantly regularly. After three months of taking ESL 273, I have accumulated various experiences in writing advanced sentences and organizing academic essays which are really necessary for me to perform well in the next English course, ESL 5, as well as other classes. As a result, I think I am well-prepared and ready for the next coming course ESL 5. During the ESL 273 course, one of my strengths which is the ability of using various examples as well as explanations to reinforce my…show more content…
Consequently, I did not have enough time to check and edit some minor errors existing in my essay “Society Built our Perception and Ability” like verb tense, punctuation, and word form. This also explains why I usually perform successfully in the grammar tests given by my teacher, but I still repeat those grammar mistakes again in my essays. Even though those errors do not affect readers’ comprehensions but they might be distracted and thus the quality of my essay would be diminished. To help students combat this mistake, my teacher has applied an interesting teaching strategy which is collaborative learning. To do this, I work in pair with another friend and exchange our writing assignments in order to check other partner’s errors. I feel that this method works really well in my case because checking my partner’s mistakes has helped me to reinforce my proofreading skill. Besides, I find out a strategy to deal with the shortage of time of an in-class writing. To do this, I try to recheck and go over a sentence as I write to make sure it is free of grammar and punctuation mistakes. This new approach is very compatible and essential for me in order to be successful when I get into higher English classes like ESL 5 and EWRT 1A because I actually check my essay three or four times before I finish it. In ESL 273, I have achieved some specific goals in

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